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Afzal is a regular writer for a non-partisan politics news site, United Politics. See below for some of the news articles he has written. Please click the titles to lead you to the article.

It's been how long since the Euro?

20 years to be exact...

The Euro is the currency of 19 countries in the European Union (23 altogether outside of EU). The Maastricht Treaty (1993) was the legally binding instrument to bring the Euro to life. Its aim to bring the EU in to a closer economic and monetary union. Sounds like a superstate right? 

Amber Rudd - Forging a consensus on Brexit.

 How important is that Parliament unite to sort this out? 

No doubt a very talented politician, being the fastest rising politician to Great Office of State since the Second World War, Amber Rudd has also seen her fair share of political ‘scandals’.  

Do we really have confidence in Theresa May.

 What does the Confidence Vote of 12th December 2018 mean for the Rt Hon Prime Minister Theresa May? 

 With the turn of the new millennia came the turn of newly divisive politics: who rules the world, women! But let’s not be gender presumptive here. Who rules the world? Just about everyone with a slight political or economical opinion. 


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