About Afzal


The University of Huddersfield

Having completed secondary education, Afzal went on to study for his A-Levels in English Literature, History, Philosophy & Ethics, and General Studies. It was his love for philosophy that caused him to study at evening classes in Theological Sciences. 

Afzal then took a gap year to travel, work and focus on his hobbies of writing and researching. 

He then went on to read Law at the University of Huddersfield. Whilst at university he coordinated the Moot classes, was Vice-President of the Law Society and an Inspiring Future Leader.

Afzal is currently studying on a Diplomacy Course with the Open University and the Foreign and Commonwealth Office. 

Work Experience

Afzal at an event at University.

For a 23 year old, Afzal has had a packed job history. 

From being a tutor at an evening school teaching Theology, to a Financial Crime Analyst, he has much experience. 

During his gap year before university, Afzal worked in the Financial Crime department of Santander UK. 

Whilst at university, he was a Student Ambassador where he represented the University locally, nationally and even internationally. 

Afzal worked for the Students' Union at his University and held two positions there. At first he was a Student Activities Assistant, coordinating the volunteering side of the Union. He then went on to become an Inspiring Future Leader, managing his own projects to better the student experience. 


Afzal is currently working in the Business Support department of a large law firm. He is also continuing to produce research on various disciplines, such as Politics, Philosophy, Economics and Theology.  



Whist at university, Afzal coordinated the Moot classes as well as delivering confidence building/public speaking workshops alongside this. 

The Battle of Orgreave Project - this was a project ran by the University of Huddersfield Legal Clinic and Orgreave Truth and Justice Campaign. This project bought together law students to research in to the history of the miner strikes of 1984 and bringing about an inquest for the injustices caused. 

The Inspiring Future Leader Project - this project was to encourage students to develop better critical thinking and gain a better understanding of current affairs. This was done by creating a 'safe space' on campus to debate on various controversial topics and learn from other opinions. During this project, Afzal also contributed to The Joint Committee on Human Rights inquiry into free speech on campus.  

As a Freelance Researcher, Afzal has recently produced research on a contentious economic issue - the case for Open Markets and Free Trade in Islam. This research paper can be found on the Articles page