Public Speaker, Political Commentator, Researcher.

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Public Speaker, Political Commentator, Researcher.

Get to know me!

About Me

Afzal's favourite quill.

Latest Position

Afzal Pervez has graduated from the University of Huddersfield with a degree in LLB Law. He is currently working in a Law Firm and as a freelance researcher. 

He is a regularly invited as a speaker and panel member at various conferences and talks across the globe - owing to his experience and knowledge. 

Afzal speaking at the NUS National Conference 2017.

Professional history

From a young age, Afzal Pervez has had a rich history of work experience and professions. 

In his teenage years, outside of normal secondary education, he also studied Theological Sciences and Exegesis with prominent scholars. This lead his passion into researching into theology, political sciences and economy. 

Whilst at University, he was involved in many activities that shaped who he is today. 

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Hobbies and Interests

Outside of the professional sphere, Afzal enjoys country walk, making most of the natural beauty of his native Yorkshire and the Moors. He enjoys getting lost in a mystery novel, relating to his own writing of a novel. He is also an avid baker, using local produce for his baking. 

He also enjoys travelling and immersing himself in other cultures. During his gap year he visited many places in South East Asia, which spurred his interest in travelling and actively learning about other cultures.